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24-Hour Petcare

24-Hour Care For Your Pet

24-hour, round the clock care can be provided for critically ill patients through the team at Forest Vets. However, as we do not hospitalise animals overnight on-site, these patients would be transferred to our Out Of Hours Care Provider, Vets Now. The Vets Now team are highly qualified and experienced in looking after recovering pets 24/7 which is why we trust them to look after our patients whilst we sleep.

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Prevention is better than cure

Minimise your pet’s chances of needing to use acute facilities, like our 24-Hour petcare, by taking advantage of the preventative services we offer like our Healthy Pet Club pet healthcare scheme or by signing up for our free email newsletters.

Emergency Vet

Emergency Vet

If you have an emergency at any time, call our emergency vets for help 0115 978 5036.

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Vet kneeling alongside a dog in our 24-hour petcare ward