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Dental Care For Pets in Nottingham

The vet and nurse team at our Gregory Boulevard surgery has access to a full range of dental care facilities. From our ultrasonic de-scaler, that removes the mineral deposits from teeth, to our dental polishing machines, that polish the enamel on your pets teeth to make it smooth in order to prevent build up of tartar, we have everything a pet needs to help promote proper oral hygiene.

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Why Look After Your Pet’s Teeth?

If you have ever had a toothache, you’ll know how painful it can be. It’s the same for animals, so maintaining your pet’s dental health can have a very significant positive impact on their quality of life. If you are unsure whether your animal needs dental care, contact us to discuss the situation.

Healthy Pet Club Pet Healthcare Scheme

Our Healthy Pet Club healthcare scheme helps you budget monthly for your pet’s regular health-checks.

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Young vet examining a dog and its teeth and gums