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Dental Care For Pets in Nottingham

Bad breath in pets, particularly dogs, is sometimes joked about but it’s no laughing matter. Up to 80% of pets over the age of three, could suffer from dental problems if you don’t actively protect their teeth. A lot like humans really.

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Regular dental check-ups are key

Regular checkups won’t just give your pet a nicer smile, they’ll also prevent bacteria from the mouth seeding to other parts of the body and possibly infecting the heart, kidneys, intestinal tract, and joints. With regular dental care, including a full scaling and polishing service we aim to prevent common complaints and stop minor issues becoming major traumas for your pet.

360 degree dental care for pets in Nottingham

It’s not all about what we can do in the surgery though as there’s plenty you can do yourself. If you have a new pet then talk to Mark Thirkell, our head vet, or one of the nursing team at your first vaccination appointment, they’ll show you how to initiate a good dental care program at home, and can even provide brushing lessons. If your pet is an adult (over 2 years of age) and it has not had its teeth checked then please do call us to schedule a specific dental check up.

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Here at the surgery we have a host of oral health support tools, ask us about brushing, mouthwash, tartar busting diets using Hills T/O, chews, toys, teething aids and tips for home prevention too.

Healthy Pet Club Pet Healthcare Scheme

Our Healthy Pet Club healthcare scheme helps you budget monthly for your pet’s regular health-checks.

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Good looking Golden Retriever dog chewing a green dental toy